Capt. Ric’s Reel Simple Fishing Report

Mar 31, 14 Capt. Ric’s Reel Simple Fishing Report

It’s very difficult for me not to get excited about fishing this time of year. The excitement usually starts to build when I start hearing talk about spring training and the beginning of another baseball season. I get the same feeling in early fall as the weather starts to cool and football season is the topic of conversation.
The weather getting better and the thought of a new season is great but the thing that trumps both of those is the fact that fishing in our area gets crazy in the spring and fall. Right now it’s as good as it gets.
This of course it dependent on the absence of inclement weather. I had a group on the boat this week from Canada and realized that inclement weather is relative to where you are from.
I had thoughts of canceling the trip due to high wind and cooler temps but was informed that it was below zero back home with almost 2 foot of snow on the ground. Since we were not under any kind of a weather alert and the trip could be run safely we decided to go for it and good thing we did. When high winds are prevalent, sometimes you can still fish safely using islands and structure as a wind break. It’s all about wind direction. We stayed in areas that the wind would work for us and kept the trip motto of “patience pays off”.

John Pearse with his “second chance” over slot snook he caught while fishing with Capt. Ric Liles and Reel Simple Fishing Adventures recently.

With the wind at our backs we were able to make longer cast and keep the boat farther away from the fish we were trying to catch. The day was not a banner day but we did manage a half dozen fish to take to the cleaning table and a great picture of an over slot snook. The only negative thing that happened that day was that we had to say you should have seen the one that got away.
We hooked a snook that was from the best I could tell just north of 40” and if you have ever done battle with a snook that size you know that they are usually in control. Well this big girl was and she knew how to play the game.
After getting the lines from 2 rods untangled and the drag tweaked down a little she barreled into the low lying mangrove branches and the rest is history. I said we got a picture, we did, just not of the biggest one.
About 20 minutes after initial train wreck we were able to hook another over slot fish and get it to the boat for a nice photo and safe release. The second big snook only measured 34 and a half inches. I normally would never have been in that spot for that length of time but we were catching plenty of small snook and with the conditions we were experiencing our options were limited.
Patience certainly payed off on that spot. The redfish, trout, and spanish mackerel bite is great right now and you most likely will not have to show much patience while fishing for them.
With white bait easy to get at the Skyway Bridge the bite should stay strong for several weeks. It should actually get better as the sardines start to move onto the grass flats. Then its going to be game on! Until next time, good luck and be safe on the water. Remember: don’t let your kid be the one that got away, take them fishing.
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