Capt. Ric’s Reel Simple Fishing Report

Dec 02, 14 Capt. Ric’s Reel Simple Fishing Report

I had one of those moments on the boat the other day that I knew what I was trying to say but could not get it out clearly. We were fishing in an area that had a lot of flow from the current and I was having trouble keeping the lines separated with 4 anglers on the boat.

I made the statement that we may have to leave that spot and that 3 anglers sometimes catch more fish than 4. Wow, what did I start? One of my guys said “that makes no sense at all”. I agree it does not make sense but sometimes 3 anglers catch more fish than 4 depending on the setup of the area you are fishing.

The best way to explain it is that 3 anglers can fish a area better with heavy current and keep the lines from getting all tangled together. Adding that 4th line upsets the apple cart, especially in windy conditions. With 2 lines tangled there will only be 2 lines left in the water. Simple math. This is only the case in certain applications. We as captains have 4 anglers in our boats very often and it usually is not an issue. This time it was. We moved to a different area where the wind in our favor and we got everyone their limit of trout for supper.

My point to all of this is every day is different and you may not be able to take a hard line approach with your game plan, no pun attended. I had done very good in that spot the 2 days before but found it to be too much of a challenge with the extra line. The picture associated with this article is a nice snook from the earlier trip. This time of year this rings true more than late Spring thru early Fall.

We are still in a transition mode right now and our fish are moving with every weather front. Once the water temps stabilize our fish should be in their normal winter locals and the bite will have a more stable pattern. As fishermen we really hate to see the deck getting shuffled every few days.

Dick Dailey with a 32.5” snook he caught recently while fishing in Tampa Bay with Capt. Ric Liles.

The snook, trout, and flounder bite have been real good lately but the redfish have been quiet since that first good cold front. I have only been on a couple of schools of reds since the front and those fish were in small schools of about 20-30 fish. They did eat but were very skittish. If you find a school of reds right now it’s more important than normal to approach with caution. Sardines, as usual, is my bait of choice.

Until next time, good luck and be safe on the water. Remember: don’t let your kid be the one that got away, take them fishing.

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