No Additional Guava Fruit Flies Found

Jul 01, 15 No Additional Guava Fruit Flies Found

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – After finding two male guava fruit flies in Palm Beach County on May 28th, Commissioner Adam H. Putnam today announced that no additional fruit flies have been found. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services increased trapping following the discovery last week. Guava fruit flies pose a threat to Florida agriculture because their eggs, laid in fruits and vegetables, render the product inedible. The department and federal partners deployed an additional 365 fruit fly traps in a 55-square-mile area around the original finds and inspected them on a daily basis.

“Florida’s climate makes it a hotbed for invasive pests and diseases, which is why we routinely monitor the more than 56,000 fruit fly traps as part of our early detection network. The initial discovery of these two guava fruit flies followed by no additional finds after increased monitoring shows that this system is effective,” said Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam.

Following the initial discovery, the department deployed additional traps and checked them daily to determine if there was a reproducing population of this invasive pest. No additional flies were found and trap monitoring extended to weekly inspections. This weekly trap monitoring will go on for two life cycles of the fly.

The guava fruit fly has been trapped several times in Florida since 1999, but it has not become established. It attacks many of Florida’s fruit and vegetable varieties including guava, peach, mango, fig, date, tropical almond, sapodilla, roseapple, jujube, castor bean and sandalwood.

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