Capt. Ric’s Reel Simple Fishing Report

Oct 01, 15 Capt. Ric’s Reel Simple Fishing Report

If you try real hard you can feel fall in the air for a brief moment in the mornings on the south shore. It does not last long so you may not even notice it. For us anglers that is good news. As much as we like the warm sunny days it’s good for fishing to get our yearly cool down. I fear what would happen in regards to red tide if we started every spring with summer time water temps. It certainly could not be a good thing. Fishing in the bay area lately has certainly been eventful. We are starting to have better fishing on the flats since our rains have not been as heavy and as often. There have been a few days lately that seemed as if there were a fish in every pot hole and under every mangrove tree. If you catch the tides just right and the stars are in line these days can be magical. One of the things that has helped with the bite besides the weather is the availability of better bait. There was a stretch there when it was a little difficult to find optimum bait. Even the superstars struggled, they only were able to get great bait 8 days a week during that stretch. Just a little humor to pass along. We all know “that guy” that always does good but rarely has a witness. Anyway, if your deal is inshore the next couple months should be terrific

A happy client with a over slot size redfish caught in Tampa Bay recently with Capt. Ric Liles.

fishing and comfortable as well. Redfish, trout and snook will be my main targets with spanish mackerel, flounder, shark, cobia and snapper being other options. The one tidbit of info that I can pass along that may benefit you is never underestimate the results of cut bait. If you have that day that bait is harder to get, chum up some pinfish or catch a mullet and use them as cut bait. You may be surprised at your success. Until next time, good luck and be safe on the water. Remember: don’t let you kid be the one that got away, take them fishing. For charter information you can reach me at (813)601-2900, email, or visit

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