Milk to Move Faster if US Transport Bill Goes Through

Nov 03, 15 Milk to Move Faster if US Transport Bill Goes Through

TheCattleSite News Desk

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved an amendment to a transportation bill, which will be presented to the House later in the year.

The amendment allows states to issue permits allowing milk haulers to increase their truck weights beyond Interstate Highway System limits, aiming to make milk transport more flexible to deal with fluctuations in supply.

“Today’s amendment recognises the unique needs of hauling milk,” said Jim Mulhern, President of the National Milk Producers Federation, which backed the amendment.

US - Hauliers will be able to move milk more quickly and efficiently, if a new bill passes allowing the weights of milk tankers to increase.

“Milk is extremely perishable. Both the supply of it coming from farms, and the daily intake needs of processing plants, can fluctuate unpredictably. As a result, milk handling requirements sometimes conflict with limits on truck weights.”

“Timing is critical in moving milk to market,” Mr Mulhern added. “This amendment recognises the specific challenges in transporting milk and allows states to ensure that milk is delivered in a timely fashion while adhering to all transportation and food safety standards.”

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