Capt. Ric’s Reel Simple Fishing Report

Dec 01, 15 Capt. Ric’s Reel Simple Fishing Report

Finally, fall is in the air. After a long hot summer it’s nice to feel the cool temperatures that fall brings. It will not be long before we will be thinking that it sure would be nice to have some of that summer heat back.

That seems to be my thought process every year. I want to let everyone know that the end of the year will also be the end of my fishing reports. I want to thank this publication for allowing me to bring you my fishing report for so many years. It has always been a pleasure and an honor. If you have been a reader of this column, thank you! I am not retiring from being a charter captain I am just slowing down and taking some of the extra things a charter captain does off my plate. It’s all part of a long term exit strategy. The column will be picked up by a good friend and fishing peer Capt. Jason Prieto. You will be in good hands, I promise. Now to the good stuff.

Fishing in the bay area has been very good lately. The snook and trout bite have been great with numbers but the average size fish could be better. We have caught a few keeper snook but a vast majority has been well below slot. I have been amazed with the generosity of my clients when it comes to keeper snook. Every keeper caught this season has been released at the decision of the angler. That is awesome to see. Some areas have still not gotten to 2009 levels and it’s nice to see an angler actually “get it”.

Ms. Sandy with a beautiful snook she caught while fishing with Capt. Ric Liles in Tampa Bay.

The keeper trout are starting to not be as illusive, with most trout trips being able to limit out. Redfish have been my achilles heel lately. We are still catching redfish but certainly not to my standards. It will get better, that I know. I think here lately I have been zigging when I should have been zagging. We have started catching more flounder and less mackerel since the cooler temps arrived and that is expected. Bait has been easy and still plentiful on the grass flats but that will be short lived. It is almost time to turn our focus on deep water markers and bridges for bait. Hopefully this will be of help. For 10 years I have ended all my columns with this and I will close with it again because I feel it really is important. REMEMBER: DON’T LET YOUR KID BE THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY, TAKE THEM FISHING!

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