Great catches of Redfish

Jun 01, 16 Great catches of Redfish

by: Jason Prieto •

We are getting some consistent warmer weather and the results have been great catches of Redfish on the flats. As we edge closer to summer the winds are light and higher tides seem to fall during the day and this mixed with a great spring mullet run is the result of great

Red fishing in the spring. You can expect great Red fishing all the way into the summer months so get out and enjoy some great fishing.

Redfish are one of best fighting fish and when you find big schools of fish you will have an epic  day of catching. This can be a a bit more difficult than it sounds as Reds tend to move around and can be a bit inconsistent. There are a number of conditions that can move a school of fish. One of the biggest problems in our area that consistently breaks schools of fish up is people running up and down the flats all day long. Reds are notorious for splitting up from a school especially when boat traffic is heavy on the flats. Using a trolling motor or push pole to edge your way into a spot will take more time but the end result will be more fish. Using a stealthy approach is essential to any type of inshore fishing especially when targeting Redfish.

Bait of choice would have to be greenbacks but reds are big on scent so using cut bait is also a great option. Pinfish, Ladyfish, and Threadfin Herring are just a few types of cut bait that work well. Tackle of choice would be a 1/0 Daiichi circle hook matched with 30 lb Ohero fluorocarbon leader will be a great combination. Cajun Thunder Floats work really well on the higher tides when you are fishing tight in the mangroves or free lined baits work good when fishing potholes on the lower tides. No different than any other species. Fishing leading into the New and Full Moons will be your best bet to find those BIG schools of Reds but you can catch them just about any time this month.

Places of interest include oyster bars, potholes, troughs, and residential docks. Reds use these areas as highways to move in and out with the tides. Mixing these areas with the right tide and you will increase your chances in catching nice Redfish.  Finding areas that have a good tide is another key element to catching Reds. Tide movement is one of the most important things you need to catch fish. Redfish have a slot size from 18 to 27 inches and a bag limit of 1 per person. These regulations are the key to our Redfish in the future. Make sure to read up on the regulations of all fish before heading out.  It will save you fines and help preserve fishery for years to come. Tightlines!

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