July is here and the heat wave is in full effect.

Jul 06, 16 July is  here and the heat wave is in full effect.

By: Capt. Jason Prieto • 813-727-9890

As we enter the middle of the summer water the temperature dictates where and when we fish. Getting out early or fishing really late will be the key to catching fish. Mixing this with good tidal flow during these times will make for some awesome fishing. Fishing in the middle of the day just won’t work as water temperatures exceed 90 degrees. This doesn’t mean you won’t catch fish this time of year; you just have to go with what’s good. I’m going to give you a few good fish to target this time of year mixed with a couple of tips to get the job done and back for lunch.

Snook fishing has been great this year. Since the freeze of 2010 we have dealt with subpar Snook fishing. This is all changing this year. We are catching tons of juvenile Snook around deeper rocky banks, Spoil areas and the outer flats. These smaller fish are a result of a great recovery. Mixed in with these fish have been some of the big breeders. Bait has been small enough to get out your 1⁄4 inch humpback cast net. Bring plenty of chum and head out to the flats as the smaller bait is everywhere. Since bait is running small you will need to downsize your hooks to the #1. Daiichi circle hooks make for a great choice. This will be a perfect match for summer Snook fishing. When looking for Snook they are schooled up this time of year so when you see a fish keep looking for more in these same areas. They to stay out of the flats this time of year these fish are heading for deeper water due to the heat.

Mangrove Snapper are also the hot bite through the summer. Snapper love structure so finding a spot with any type of debris will be a great starting point. The same tackle mentioned above will work great but I do like to downsize my leader to 20lb Ohero Fluorocarbon leader. Another good tip for Snapper is to keep plenty of chum bait live or dead. Throwing plenty of chum bait out will help your hook ups as they tend to put their guard down a little bit.  Using a little bit of weight depending on tide and depth will prove to be a good tactic, another good way to catch Snapper in the shallow water is to leave your bail open and have the bait swim down. This gives a natural presentation and will put more fish in the boat on those slower days.  Mangrove Snapper make for some tasty meals and there are plenty to go around. There is however a minimum size of 10 inches and a bag limit of 5 per person a day in state waters or 10 per person per day in intercoastal waters with an aggregate of . Stay safe and drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated. Tight lines!

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