SheepsHead A Good Target For February!!!

Feb 01, 17 SheepsHead A Good Target For February!!!

Capt. Jason Prieto: 813-727-9890 • Owner: Steady Action Fishing Charters •

As we enter the end of a typical winter here in west central Florida you can expect to see some of the coldest temperatures of the year. With that being said we are also seeing one of the mildest winters in a long time. This should make for a great March.

Sheepshead are one of the most underrated fish targeted in the bay as most people don’t know where or how to target them. It’s rather easy and there are various ways to to do so and most that start catching them are amazed at the fight they pick up not to mention they are a delicious table fare. Sheepshead are a rather odd both shape and colors with a Zebra like look and very wide midsection mixed with teeth like a human and spikes on just about every edge. Don’t let their odd body fool you they are an awesome fish to target.

Sheepshead are found in both the flats and docks or you will also find them in the bay on the wrecks and and ledges. They are plentiful and the big fish have shown up to Spawn in the bay this time of year. These toothy critters love to munch on barnacles on the wrecks or docks so if you are fishing around pilings you can scrape the poles to chum them up. Various baits work such as mussels and others but I tend to use small to medium Shrimp. They are easy to get at the bait shops and work good. I like to keep it simple on rigging by using 25 lb ohero fluorocarbon leader matched with a #1 Daicchi circle hook. I’ll add just enough weight to keep the bait down on the bottom. Very simple but effective.

Finding areas for Sheephead use to be a little more difficult back in the day but thanks to technology and great programs to build artificial reefs it’s a little easier with the right equipment. My simrad matched with the all new 3D side scan technology makes things a lot easier. Navionics offers chips with hundreds of wrecks marked in the bay taking the guessing game out of finding that secret wreck. Mix this with the awesome 3D structure scan to see what you are actually fishing on the wreck matched with the Rhodan Trolling motor to use the anchor feature you won’t have to even throw an anchor. These are great tools that will make your fishing trip in the bay for Sheephead a success.20161208_113823

Other great options is to get the bags and start targeting. Trout will be a great option on the flats. This is the time to bring out the bag of artificials as Trout fishing takes off this time of year. Trout stage up on the flats and really feed good around the warmer days of the winter. Fishing around the stronger tides will prove to be very productive. A live select Shrimp suspended under a Cajun Thunder Float is a deadly combination. Another great option and one of my favorite is to throw a Z man paddlez matched with an 1//8 ounce jighead is an absolute awesome bait. Another great option would be the Mirolure 52M suspending bait. These are great options for Trout fishing and always remember to use a dehooker and handle all Trout with wet hands to ensure a successful release. Tightlines!!!

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