Yoga For Life, Relieving Headaches Through Yoga

BY: Nancy Dale, Certified Yoga Instructor 

The rapid pace of our lifestyle, the way we sit, walk, sleep or not sleep, hold our posture can create stress absorbed in the muscles of the back, neck, head resulting in headaches.  A daily Yoga practice can help relieve tension through relaxation postures that awaken our inner-awareness to a healthy consciousness that with practice/focus can improve our daily lifestyle and break negative patterns of tension/thinking.

Awakening the body through Yoga postures requires focusing the mind on the proper form of each pose to gain maximum benefits and not create injuries.  IyengarYoga consists of slow, deliberate motions, holding postures with concentration and staying in the present moment. When you are correctly doing Yoga, the thoughts of the world are not present, thus, stress is not an option.  It is best to join a Yoga class for proper, individual instruction to learn alignment and to feel the support of other Yoga students.  It is a wonderful life-changing way to live.


Lie flat on your back close enough to an open wall space where you have room to walk your feet up the wall with straight legs and heels supported.  Place two folded blanket underneath the lower back.  Place your “sitting bones” or buttocks into the space between the blankets and the wall; open you arms out to the sides, close the eyes gently and focus your thoughts only on your inhales/exhales through the nose.  Relax into the pose and hold for at least five minutes or longer.  You can turn out your feet if your hamstrings are tight.

According to Dr. Tomas Brofeldt, University of California (Davis), 75% of all headaches arise from muscle tension in the back of the neck and upper back connected to the head, forehead and behind the eyes where tension is often absorbed.  “Legs up the Wall” posture lengthens the spine and releases pressure.

After you read these words, take a deep breath, release you mind of tension and do this practice whenever/wherever you can especially before bedtime.  Turn off the TV and put away the technology.  Yoga is about letting go.  Peace.

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