Blackberries spelling year-round success for Wish Farms

Nov 01, 17 Blackberries spelling year-round success for Wish Farms

In October, FFVA producer member Wish Farms announced it was expanding its year-round offerings of strawberries and blueberries to include blackberries.

How’s it going? Very well, thank you.

The Plant City-based operation founded in 1922 decided to get into the blackberry business at the request of its customers. “Since they buy strawberries and blueberries from us, it was natural for them to ask if we had blackberries and raspberries,” said Jose Saca, director of blackberry and raspberry operations at Wish Farms. “So the company made the decision earlier this year to provide blackberries and raspberries,” he said.

At this time, Wish Farms offers raspberries during the Mexican growing season from October to May, but one of the program’s goals is to offer them year-round as well.

“Blackberries are the perfect complement to our year-round berry program,” said Gary Wishnatzki, owner of Wish Farms. “In just one phone call, customers can now choose to order an assortment of berries.”

The Mexico blackberry season runs from the beginning of October to the end of May. Wish Farms then makes the transition to berries grown in Georgia, North Carolina and California.

“Unfortunately at this time, Florida is not a big blackberry producing state,” Saca said. “Maybe with new varieties coming from the University of Arkansas, that might change. We certainly are going to do some tests with Florida growers who are interested. Of course, we would love to have local production in Florida. At this time, blackberries are produced on only a few small patches for U-pick purposes.”blackberries

Saca says customers have accepted the blackberries with enthusiasm, and production and sales are more robust than he and his team had expected. “We’re at a point where customers are going to be demanding more. We’re probably going to sell 15 to 25 percent more than what we thought we could do,” he said.

And Saca said that although heavy rains made the Mexico season a challenge, Wish’s customers have faith in the company’s ability to provide quality product. “It’s been an easy job for me because the company has such a good reputation,” he said. “The customer trusts that we will provide not only quality product, but service as well. That’s very important in the industry. The staff follows through if there are any issues, deliveries are on time – we try to meet the customer’s demands on anything they want. We bend over backward to please our customers.”

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