Investment in ELDP brings significant returns

Nov 01, 17 Investment in ELDP brings significant returns

By Travis Kuhn, Spring Valley Farms

There are a lot of things to be learned in a classroom, but there is no substitute for experience. I am thankful to FFVA for the ELDP program and the opportunity to learn from others. Agriculture is a dynamic industry in every way. This program provided amazing insight into how it’s changing around the country and here right outside our doorstep. The program brings to the forefront of every participant’s mind the need to be vigilant and persevere. Learning of the battles people such as Reggie Brown of the Florida Tomato Growers Exchange have waged to protect producers in our state and the war that drags on every day in Tallahassee around our rights to responsibly farm is sobering.

But the program was also encouraging. To see what industry peers have accomplished and built with determination and ingenuity is inspiring. It fans the flames and gives me a target to strive for. That target looks like involvement, entrepreneurship and environmental stewardship. It looks like teamwork and fellowship.

The program encompasses such a wide array of agriculture. It’s hard to envision a way to fit any more into the program than we did. Every producer, legislator, industry representative and even our bus driver offered a surprising amount of honesty. They entrusted us with their knowledge, struggles and triumphs. They listened to our questions and offered solutions and we reciprocated in kind when possible.ELDP-signficiant-returns

I have a strong appreciation for the value FFVA gives to the specialty crop industry. It’s hard to imagine what our industry would look like without a body that unifies us. The staff of FFVA works hard building a commercial atmosphere we can thrive in. Each staff member is passionate about what they do and it shows through their successes as our representatives and counselors. Sonia Tighe’s efforts on this program do not go unnoticed, and we commend her for that. The support of the FFVA membership and corporate sponsors for this program are an investment with significant returns in the future of Florida agriculture.

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